We all know that hotels were created for the sole purpose of lodging people. But that doesn’t mean we should only utilize it for the one purpose it was created for. People go to hotels to lay their heads and relax, but like all things in life, hotels have evolved and now serve multiple purposes other than those they were designed for.

These days you can do so much more than sleep or lodge at a hotel. There are other fun things guests can do that don’t involve laying on their backs. So without further explanation, let’s get into five things guests can do at a hotel other than sleep:

Have a photoshoot

You might need to have a camera with you or perhaps a fully charged phone. A hotel is a different space from your home and will probably have top-notch interior decor, which would make a lovely backdrop or set for your photoshoot. The possibilities would be endless, from the lobby/reception, the bar/lounge, the pool, the gym or the spa you have a large supply of locations and backdrops all thanks to your stay and you don’t have to pay extra costs because you are a paying customer/guest.

5 things to do in a hotel besides sleep

Movie Night

Hotels are probably the best places to have movie nights. Depending on the hotel, you probably have access to a diverse list of entertainment options, so make sure you use it. There is also the option of room service, this option takes out the chore of preparing food. You can order food from a menu and wait for it to be prepared and delivered to your room. Entertainment options plus multiple food options make for a splendid movie night.

5 things to do in a hotel besides sleep

Sample the bar

If the hotel you choose to stay in has a bar then you’re in luck. You can go to the bar and have a drink or more. While sitting at the bar you can ask the bartender to teach you how to make a drink if you’re interested in being a mixologist. If you’re lucky you might not be the only person at the bar. Social spaces like bars and lounges are great places to make new connections.

5 things to do in a hotel besides sleep

Game Night

If movie night isn’t your thing, you can try game night. From drinking games to board games and everything in between, you can indulge in different games with friends or other hotel guests who need a fun way to spend their time in the hotel and do something other than sleep.

5 things to do in a hotel besides sleep

Engage in wellness

Amenities like the spa, the gym and the swimming pool are all amenities that are available in most hotels. If you’re a guest, chances are you have access to these amenities. You would be advised to use them and make the most out of your stay. If the swimming pool option is not available, try to have a nice soothing bubble bath in your hotel bathroom. You might enjoy it more than the pool.

5 things to do in a hotel besides sleep


So there you have it, 5 things you can do as a guest at a hotel besides sleep. Make sure you bookmark this page and use it when next you find yourself bored in your hotel room.