Laying our bed is probably one of the earliest chores we learned how to do while growing up. In fact, it’s been said that laying one’s bed first thing in the morning helps you to be more productive and responsible as an individual.

So in today’s blog post, we are going to break down how to lay your bed like a housekeeper working in a 5-star hotel. It’s not a secret that people love the comfy feel and aesthetic of hotel beds. So how do the housekeepers perform their magic on the hotel beds? Keep reading.

How to lay a bed like a 5-star hotel

Step By Step On How To Lay A Bed 

Step 1: Ensure the bedsheet is central on the bed with the same amount hanging evenly over all the edges of the bed.

Step 2: Standing at one side of the bed, pull the sheet as tight as you can and tuck it under, then do the same to the other sides. You are advised to utilize the Hospital corners style (the tight diagonal fold used on hospital beds) when tucking the corners of the bedsheets under the bed.

Step 3: Just like the bedsheets in step 1, ensure that you always shake the duvet to distribute the filling evenly.

How to lay a bed like a 5-star hotel

Step 4: Lay the duvet cover on the bed. Put two of the corners of the duvet inside the top end of the cover, then tuck in the rest of the duvet. Give it a good shake.

Step 5: Pull the duvet up until it’s two inches from the headboard, and smooth it out to ensure there are no wrinkles.

Step 6: Fluff your pillows. Push the ends of the pillows in-and-out mimicking how you play a piano accordion but at a much faster rate. Once you’re done with that, you can pat the center of the pillows to complete the fluffing process.

Step 7: Feel free to add finishing touches to your 5-star bed. You could incorporate cashmere throws, decorative cushions, pillows, etc. The options are yours.


So there you have it, now go forth and lay it down like a housekeeping pro.