Consuming food is a sensual experience. How food looks, smells, tastes, the atmosphere in which you are and with whom you’re with all affect how you enjoy the food. It is well known that the way the meal looks affects the way we view the meal. This fact is backed up by science and it explains why nature took colour and appearance into consideration when crafting the natural foods we consume today.

Colour plays an important role in a person’s experience of foods and in their purchasing decisions. But aside from colour, the presentation also affects our food choices. If you want a first-hand example, just watch children or flashback to when you were a little child. If they dropped anything that looked unappealing on a plate in front of you, you were more likely to reject a meal or throw a tantrum.

The Importance of Food Presentation

So what is food presentation and why is it important? Let’s have a seat and find out.

What is Food Presentation?

Food presentation is an art form that involves the modifying, processing, arranging, or decorating of food to enhance its aesthetic appearance.”

The Importance of Food Presentation

Why is Food Presentation important?

For starters, it’s importance lies in the experience of dining. As humans, we eat in more ways than one. As previously mentioned, all our senses are in tune with the way we consume our meals. Our eyes eat very well before our mouths do. The visual appeal is just as important as the tasting experience of the food. Before you even take that first bite, you’ve already judged the meal in front of you. And this is where the importance of food presentation lies, If a foodie is lured into trying a dish simply because the presentation is appealing, the artist who platted the meal has done his/her job.

The Importance of Food Presentation

Examples of Food Presentation

Food presentation or plating as it is sometimes called makes the experience of food more than just munching and crunching, rather it makes it an art or a form of craftsmanship that should be indulged in. Plating requires the artist to utilize form, texture, and colour to invoke emotions and even narrate the stories of cultures and places on a plate.



The Importance of Food Presentation The Importance of Food Presentation The Importance of Food Presentation