Once in a while, we may feel the need to throw a gathering/party. If you are one of the people who love to host others in your home, then this blog post is one for the bookmark archives.

Some of us may not be able to afford the fees of an event planner for our parties but we can, however, put our best foot forward with the following tips below

Tip 1

Determine the number of people you want to invite: Ensure you write down a list of the people you would love to attend your party. This list is the foundation of your entire party and will help the planning go smoothly


house party


Tip 2

Select tentative dates: Make sure to select dates that work for your house party. It’s always advisable to pick multiple dates just in case your original date falls doesn’t work


Tip 3

Send out invites early: Whether you send card invites or a mass what’s app message, ensure you send your invites at least 1 week before your actual party. Sending the invites out early would help you determine the number of people who are open to attending your party

Tip 4

Plan activities: What would your guests be doing if they came over? Who there be loud pumping music? Would they be entertained by talking to each other or playing games? How would you seek to entertain them? These are all questions that need to be answered as a host/hostess before your party date

Tip 5

Refreshments: Food is a glue that keeps us together. Hence it’s important that there is enough food and drinks to go around for your guests. Be sure to book catering services ahead of time if you are not going to engage in the kitchen. A pro tip would be to purchase paper plates and cups so you don’t have to work about the washing marathon after


Tip 6

Pick the locations: If you are hosting a house party, you may have some restricted areas where you don’t want your guests to wander off to. A pro tip is to place the refreshments where you want people to be. Ensure you also keep restricted rooms locked, and make sure you have a designated toilet for your guests.


Tip 7

Decorate: Since it’s a house party, you may not want to do too much decorating. However, you would be advised to keep the decor minimal, some floral arrangements here and some ballons there should do the trick


Tip 8

Mindset: As the host/hostess, it’s important to keep a positive mindset throughout the party. Always be mentally present. Try to listen to the needs and wants of your guests. Keep a beautiful smile on your face as you move through the space greeting your guests. Free feel to accept help as well, some hosts/hostesses always want to do everything themselves, but the truth is a little help never hurts anyone.


That’s all the tips we have for you. Happy planning, we are sure you’ll do great with your party.