One of the staple items of all hotels is the presence of white sheets on the beds. White bed sheets are important to the aesthetics of hotel rooms the world over, but very few people know the reason why. So in this blog post, we will be diving into the reasons why hotels utilize white sheets in their rooms.

White Is Right

Believe it or not before the 1990s, white sheets were not the staple on hotel beds, other colours were more popular than the colour white. The reason for this was that coloured sheets were easier to clean and when stained the stains were properly masked by the dark colours.

Results from research conducted by the popular Westins Hotel discovered that white sheets projected a sense of luxury to them and their guests.

Why white sheets on hotels beds are a must

The researchers tried every colour in the book to obtain their perfect bed. Finally, after trial and error, they found that an all-white bed arrangement spelt out luxury for their guests more than coloured sheets and, as a result, they slept better. This action increased the guest’s overall experience and perception of the hotel. Guests went as far as to report that an entire hotel’s room had been renovated simply because the sheets had been changed to the colour white.

Changing the bed sheet colour is a simple upgrade any hotel can make to increase their guests’ satisfaction. White bedsheets also contrast beautifully with neutral tones, which are still highly desirable for bedrooms in and outside the hotel industry. Due to the fact that white sheets are a neutral, they tend to go well with different designs and patterns that could be potentially used in rooms. After this discovery by the Westin Hotel researchers, white bedsheets became popularized. As a result hotels all over the world adopted the practise.

Why white sheets on hotels beds are a must

White bedsheets on the bed of our Zuma room at the Cocoon

Whether in hotels or in our homes, the truth is that people tend to perceive white bed spreads as clean and hygienic. The color white is timeless and a classic that will go with everything we decide to do with our interior decoration. So there you have it, the reason why hotels use white sheets is as simple as the luxury it exudes and the cleainess it represents.